girls with hair. like.. LOTS of hair. 
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hell pom
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Disappearing Town
Deen Gireaux. Deep space mapping.
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Oliver Frey work for The Trigan Empire 1977. I really loved his use of perspective and overlapping frames rather than uniform boxes.

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Coming 2012.
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@harveyjamestm on twitter.
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These are designs for a videogame which I drew on the train from Osaka Castle to the airport.
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Lotta questions being asked re: whether or not this ever came out as a t-shirt. The shirts were in fact due to come out with the game- to promote the release of Cave Story on Wii- but ultimately never did. I remember Pixel told me specifically that this drawing didn’t have ‘enough appeal’. I did a revision in which Balrog had new eyes and a new smiling mouth, making him closer to Pixel’s original art. Eventually I got it to a point he was happy with.However, Nicalis ultimately pulled the plug on the shirts project and neither I nor any of the other artists working for Attract Mode got their Cave Story shirts produced. Sucks, huh? That’s the way it goes sometimes. 



Balrog from Cave Story

I really, really, really wish they had made a T-shirt out of this or something
IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T FIGURED IT OUT BY NOW: I have always loved and will forever always love mechanical cross-sections

actually they totally did make a t-shirt out of this. it was sold through an online shop called Attract Mode but its been down for a long time… like at least a year. i dunno what’s going on with it.
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Vote For Nelson!
Blank Slate’s Nelson, which I contributed to last year, got nominated for ‘Best Anthology’ at the Eisner awards. We’re up against Dark Horse and some other bigshots, so please show your support for the underdog and chuck in a vote
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An old beta page from Zygote, which is still trundling along nicely (looking way cooler than this old thing does, too). By the way, you might have noticed that this tumblr has been updating daily for a good few weeks. Check the redesign of the main page! I’m pretty thrilled with how things have been going.(You can also follow me on twitter- @harveyjamestm.)
 I’m going to have some news about Walk Don’t Run, my other book, very shortly.
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Sharknife Double Z! - Coreyyy Lewis (that’s me!) 

Just uploading some images I found from this interview from a while back

You can read the whole Sharknife Kidz" prelude story here. It’s pretty much a love letter to drawing & fighting games 

More online Sharknife stories: BRUNCHTIME BASH! / VS POOP / STAGE FIRST TRAILER

Canvas  by  andbamnan