Anonymous asked:
Could you suggest yourr favorite japanese comics, American comics, and French comics? You seem to have the best taste.


Thankyew, awhile back I made a list of the 12 comics that were the biggest influence on me. 

Fil Barlow’s Zoonivere, Paul pope’s THB/Buzzbuzz stuff(also his Heavy Liquid is excellent), Matt Howarth’s WRAB/Post bros/Konny&Czu, Akira Toriyama’s Dragaon Ball.

Kyle baker’s Why I hate Sauturn, Munoz & Sampayo’s Sinner, Shirow’s Appleseed, Moebius’s Aedena cycle.

manara’s Perchance to dream/Bergman books, pini’s Elfquest, Bode’s work and Bilal’s Woman trap.


I think these days I would add miyazaki’s nausicaa.and Toriyama’s Dr Slump (that I think I like more than Dragon ball)

But yeah other stuff I’d recommend:

Adam Warren’s Empowered and his Dirty pair are awesome.

Hubert & Kerascoet’s Miss don’t touch me.

The French Dungeon comics are amazing. 

EK Weaver’s TJ and Amal (that you can read online here) 

Farel Darymple’s Pop gun war

Emily Carroll’s comics (that you can read some of here)

Michael Deforge’s stuff (ant colony, Lose, etc) 

Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder

 Kazimir Strzepek’s Mourning star

Tom Herpich’s books. 

Tomer Hanuka’s work

Some manga I looove: Cobra, Area 88. Anything by Rumiko Takahasi (Ranma, Lum, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Scar) 

and Anything by Urasawa— his 20th Century boys and Pluto are ammazing. 

Adamov’s “The Waters of Dead Moon (that ran in Heavy metal) 

I’m leaving a million books out but yeah, I love a lot of comics. 


The work of José Ladrönn  makes me imagine Jack Kirby, and Moebius’ art fell in love, and made babies together.


grandpa sunday

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Atonement (2007)

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Age Gap Love Illustration


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Obsessed with the ocean


Okay, last SpiderVerse post. It’s out today, and I just wanted y’all to see Ian’s colors on the exosuit, and get a look at our very own spider-girl/mech-pilot, Peni Parker.




Man in the Moon handmade bangle by Lux Divine on etsy
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My t-shirt company.  I designed this shirt  as well as a few others in the collection.
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It was an experiment with seaweed.

Bride of Frankenstein, 1935

Canvas  by  andbamnan